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    Dongguan Beilin packaging CO., Ltd welcome your coming.
    Beilin packaging box
    Beilin packaging box

    Holiday gift box hotline :

    135-4485-2945 / 153-8426-6589
    Exquisite packaging box solution Professional customization,let you easily
    BEILIN packaging customization case center Combine prefect technology and special design with especial material
    • Holiday gift box customization
      Holiday Box Product Name: Chinese multifunctional box with lamp MOQ: 1000 pcs Size: 330*300*90mm Material: Red touch well paper, Hot stamping LOGO , Chinese knot with jade ,LED light,Black Velvet Use and Recommendation :Mid-Autumn moon cake box,Food box , Chinese jewelry box,Watch box, Cosmetic box ,Multi-function storage box,Gift box,Health products box,Tea box
      Holiday gift box customization
      Holiday gift box customization
    • Jewelry box customization
      Name: Exquisite Jewelry Box MOQ: 1000 pcs Size : 1、Ring Box :64*64*50 mm 2、Bracelet Box:90*90*37 mm 3、Watch Box :105*107*50 mm 4、Necklace Box :242*58*30 mm 5、Set Box: 230*300*66 mm Material: Wine Red touch well paper ,Wine red velvet, silk printing LOGO+ Embossing Logo ,insert coffee pearl velvet Use and Recommendation: Jewelry Box,Watch Box,Multi-function storage box,Gift Box , Health products box ,Medical products box,Perfume box
      Jewelry box customization
      Jewelry box customization
    • Health products box customization
      Healthy and Fitness Name : Flame Box MOQ: 1000pcs Size: 260*260*60mm Material: Red drizzle pearl paper+ Gold pearl paper, Hot stamping green logo , Laser cutting pattern,insert is paper card to fit products Use and Recommendation:Jewelry Box , Watch Box,Multi-function storage box,Gift Box , Health products box ,Medical products box,Tea box
      Health products box customization
      Health products box customization
    • Exquisite cosmetic box customization
      Name:For beauty MOQ: 2000pcs Size : 355*265*80 mm Material: Art paper printing + Hot stamping +UV +glitter technology, Around and frame packed with gold card paper, insert packed with gold satin,transparent plastic Use and Recommendation: Cosmetic box,Food box,Jewelry box, Multi-function storage box,Gift box,Health products box,Tea box,Medical products box,Perfume box,Watch box, Electronic product box and so on
      Exquisite cosmetic box customization
      Exquisite cosmetic box customization

    BEILIN Brand Packaging box

    Beilin packaging box
    Four reasons to choose BEILIN Choose a strong ability manufacturer for your exquisite packaging box
    • Strong
    • Rich
    • Qualification
    • Ntimate
    • Strong production strength to meet your needs

      ?It covers an area of 20000 square meters,Our company implements ERP, 6S management mode to standardize production management.

      ?We equipped with 13 packing box production lines,The machine department keep 24 hours working one day,The manual department has many worker with rich operation experience,these can make our production efficiency greatly improved.

      ?Monthly production of 5 million sets of lid and base packaging box, high efficiency, large capacity, to meet your demand for large orders

    • More than 10,000 European and American brand packaging box style accumulation

      ?BEILIN established a copyright protection system,The authorization letter of trademark qualification shall be examined by specially-assigned persons to support the original version, eliminate piracy and protect copyright。

      ?20 years of experience in customized production of high-end packaging boxes,more than 10,000 packaging box style

      ?Long-term service for European and American, Japanese brands, Familiar with European and American, Japanese brand packaging design style.

    • We have a full range of qualifications to ensure the quality of packing box

      ?Our?Company?has?passed?the?Quality?Management?System(ISO9001:2015),Develop strict quality control procedures and standards and require the production process to be carried out strictly

      ?Have obtained import and export management rights,our enterprises have qualifications and strength and Our products are in high quality.

      ?All materials used by BEILIN have environmental protection certificates,BEILIN box is high-end, environmental, fashional.

    • pre-sale after - sale intimate service to ensure you worry free

      ?Pre-sales:According to the product characteristics and application to provide professional packaging box solution and customized consultation!

      ?On sale:Designed by experienced designers.high production efficiency produced by utomated assembly line,quick delivery, short production time.

      ?After sale:Timely follow up for goods,24-hour online customer service to answer your questions.

    BEILIN high-end box customization cooperation process 8 steps to help you achieve the pursuit of "beauty"
    BEILIN. A factory that "Manufactures Beauty" Look for?the poetry and meaning of daily life
    Dongguan guan Lin packing box co., LTD.
    Dongguan guan Lin packing box co., LTD.

    Dongguan guan Lin packing box co., LTD., founded in 2001, is a professional design, production as one of the packing box enterprises.We are provide exquisite customization packaging all over world.Our company specializes in product using for Holiday gift boxes and special gift packing ( such as Valentine's Day/Christmas Holiday/Mother's Day ect)for Jewelry box、Watch box、Luxury box、Gift box、Cosmetics box、Perfume box、Medical and Healthy products box.Food box such as:Chocolate box、Tea box、Wine box、Religious box、Cufflink box、?Wallet box、Belt box、Tie box、Electronic product box、Paper bag ect.……

    See more+
    — Authorized certification —
    Dongguan Beilin packaging CO., Ltd

    contact:Ms Gong

    contact number:135-4485-2945 / 153-8426-6589

    Fax number:0769-85095168

    China mainland email:Info2@beilinbox.com

    Overseas email:info@beilinbox.com

    address:No.10, Funing Road, xianxi Lanhua Industrial,

    Chang An Town, Dongguan City

    Follow us
    • Beilin packaging box Corona packing box
    • Beilin packaging box scan QR code
    Record number,ICP program no. 17033948-1 all rights reserved:Dongguan Beilin packaging CO., Ltd technical support:jingmawang omos
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